Exterior Ecological artisanal lime paint with graphene

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), trees play an essential role in mitigating climate change by absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide.  Biosphere is a natural, Ultra-Low VOC water-based exterior paint system developed using a graphene nanotechnology polymer and high-purity artisanal lime. Graphene provides strength, flexibility, and durability, whereas high-purity artisanal lime provides breathability and passive functionality by absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide and having mild anti-bacterial and insecticide properties. As an ecological choice, just 70 litres of Biosphere will absorb over 22kg of carbon dioxide, as much as a mature tree will absorb in 1 year.

Biosphere is ideal for decorating exterior facades, providing an entirely natural and mineral matt finish for all types of construction, restoration, or repainting. You can quite literally turn your home into a tree, your building into a garden, or your town into a forest.


Explicitly developed for EXTERIOR use, Biosphere purifies the environment by capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide.