How to make hidden messages on concrete surfaces

There’s nothing cooler than seeing a hidden message spring into site as water soaks into a surface. Viral videos have shown this effect being used in amazing ways. But just how do they achieve such an interesting reaction to water, and can this be easily replicated?

One such product that can be used to prevent water soaking into an area is AquaStop Silicon Sealer by Nutech Paint. AquaStop is a water based hydrophobic sealer with zero film build. It prevents water from entering a concrete, brick or natural stone surface, like water off a ducks back.

For more practical uses, AquaStop Silicon Sealer will also prevent food or drink from entering a surface, helping to prevent stains. Grease and oil are also more easily removed from treated surfaces, making AquaStop great for limiting contamination. There is also no need to worry about a slippery surface on inclines as AquaStop is zero film. The surface will retain its texture, even after waterproofing.

AquaStop is also really easy to use. Ensure the surface has been pressure cleaned and allowed to dry thoroughly. This may take a few days but is important for good adhesion. Apply the first coat of AquaStop and allow to dry completely before applying the second coat. It is recommended to use a roller for all large area applications.

It’s simple to create hidden messages and patterns using AquaStop Silicon Sealer. Check out this hidden Nutech logo!

aquastop nutech logo reveal

To make hidden messages on concrete surfaces, apply two coats of AquaStop Silicon Sealer in the same way as directed for a large surface. Instead of covering the whole area, only coat the design you want to reveal. It may help to mask the surrounding area, so the two coats line up perfectly.

It could also be interesting to coat everything but the secret message! What interesting hidden images can you create?

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