How To Plan a Weekend Makeover for Your Home

So you’re going to plan a weekend makeover and DIY… Relax, it’s really not going to be that difficult, provided you’ve done the preparation before you get started. Yep. That’s right. Before. And just to make sure your DIY makeover goes smoothly, here’s our pre-makeover checklist. You know, just in case.

Find A Project

But of course you have an idea! Why would you be reading this if you didn’t? Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you have a project. Know exactly what you want the final product to look like. Make sure you have the skills to achieve it. If it’s too ambitious, maybe consider leaving it to the professionals.

Get Advice

This could come from several places. Have a look around online and see how other people have managed similar projects. Do they have any tips that you could use? Most importantly, check in with your local hardware shop, paint shop or nursery. The staff there are more than likely to want to help you achieve the best outcome for your space. They might even know of new or upcoming products that will make the job easier.

Know Your Products

Sometimes we get excited and just want to dive right in. But taking the time to read the product label is an important step. Double check that what you’re using is suitable for the project. Is it intended for this use? Will it react against other materials? Knowing what you’re using could help avoid a mid-project disaster.

Gather Supplies

Read the labels and check any instructions or tutorials carefully. Do you have enough buckets? Brushes? Tarps? Do you need water nearby, or a source of heat? Making sure you have everything before you start can save you time (and money) later.

Set your goals

Is this a job you can get done in a few hours, or is it going to take all weekend? Maybe it’s a two-weekend job. No matter how big or small, knowing what you’re aiming to achieve before you set out will really help. If it’s a small task, set short milestones, like finishing the preparation before lunch, or applying a second coat by afternoon tea. If it’s a large project, break it down into easy to manage chunks, like finishing the cleaning on Saturday, or applying the first coat early on Sunday so it has a week to cure before re-coating next weekend.

Be Safe

There are so many hidden dangers with DIY. Some products cause irritation if they touch skin, others cause serious problems if inhaled. Always read the label and make sure you follow any safety guides. If you’re working or a roof or up a ladder, make sure it’s sound and secure, and that you have someone nearby to help if there’s trouble.

Go Slow

Take your time, enjoy the process. If you work slowly but effectively, you’re less likely to make a mistake, less likely to hurt yourself, and more likely to create something amazing!

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