Whistle Dixie’s Bar Floor Makeover

Being a small business, Nutech Paint loves to support other small businesses by providing quality products at an affordable price. This story comes from one of our sales reps.

So, a good friend of mine comes to me and says, “Have you seen the movie Josey Wales with Clint Eastwood and his famous line, ‘Are you boys going to pull those pistols or Whistle Dixie?’ ”

Being a big Clint fan, I said, “Of course I have; love a good western!”

He then proceeded to tell me about his dream of opening a Whiskey Bar

and how he liked the name Whistle Dixie. Why Whistle Dixie? It’s an old idiom meaning “to fantasise in a rosy fashion, often said to someone who wishfully hopes to achieve more than most would think practically possible.”

For my mate, Whistle Dixie was “a place you were told to go if you were pushing expectations beyond reason or belief.” So, in his own words, he pushed them even further, and built a place in which we could fantasise to our heart’s content: a cafe-meets-bar location where good food, good drinks and good times are on offer morning, noon and night. Trust me, if you can’t have a good time here, you can go Whistle Dixie!

Nutech believes in the passion of our customers, and our sales rep discussed with the owner about having a look that patrons would find striking and memorable. By working with the unique vision the owner had, a solution was found to incorporate both concrete and timber into a warm and inviting space. Both of these surfaces were coated in EPiC Epoxy 100 to provide longevity and an easy to maintain surface.

Whistle Dixie is located at 900 Anne Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. If you have a chance to visit, be sure to notice the floor!

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