Choosing the Right Primer for Your Roof

June 28, 2018

With so many different types of roofing available, how do you choose the correct primer? Whether your roof is tile or metal, Nutech Paint has a primer to meet your needs. Choosing the right primer has never been easier!

Why Prime?

Priming bare uncoated roof tiles is essential, and is the best way to prepare your roof surface and help you achieve the perfect finish. Choosing the right primer ensures a sound finish and ease of application for the topcoat. It can also prevent flaking or early weathering. Nutech Paint has a range of primers and sealers that are environmentally friendly and water-based to ensure that surface preparation provides a stable adhesive base for the defining topcoat. The range comprises of sealers for a variety of substrates and conditions.

Choosing the Right Primer

To choose the right primer, first identify the type of roof you have. Have a good look at the roof tiles currently on your roof and try to identify the condition of your roof tile. Then compare it to the following images to find your perfect match! If you are not sure what primer to use please contact Nutech Paint to help with this decision, as the correct choice of primer is extremely important.

Powdery, Oxidised or Unstable Tiles

A powder, oxidised and unstable tile surface

A powder, oxidised and unstable tile surface

Unstable tiles require a highly-adhesive primer to create a solid finish before top coating. Look for a primer with a fine particle size to best level the surface damage. For these types of tiles, we recommend using NuPrime. For a superior finish, SupaPrime has deep penetration for even stronger adhesion.

Porous or Rough Tiles

A porous, rough tile surface

A porous, rough tile surface

Porous tiles are highly absorbent and require a high-solids primer to fill gaps and level the rough surfaces. Using a filler coat like GP Primer will help create a solid, glossy top coat and provide longevity to the roof.

Stable, Maintained Tiles

A stable tile surface

A stable tile surface

If the tiles on your roof are stable and have no powdery or oxidised residue after cleaning, Master Sealer is probably the primer for you. Designed for cement tiles, it is high build and helps to promote topcoat adhesion.

Metal Tiles or Sheeting

A metal surface

A metal surface

For metal roofs, there’s only one choice. Whether you have corrugated iron or metal tiles, Metal Primer will be the right primer. It’s anti-corrosive and is suitable for zinc, galvanised iron and bare metal surfaces. It can also be used as a primer for previously coated surfaces. So if you need to refresh your faded steel roof, Metal Primer is a good starting point!

Top Coating

Choosing the right primer is only half the battle. You also need to prepare all surfaces prior to starting any work and choose a top coating that will restore your roof to its former glory. Nutech can provide any of our top coats in a wide range of colours, perfect for any restoration project!

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