Introducing BullyLiner

If you’ve been watching our social media accounts closely, you’ll have seen lots of little Bully Utes. And if you were lucky enough to be in Melbourne last week, you might have seen a sneak peek of our latest product, BullyLiner.

Today, we’re officially adding BullyLiner into the Nutech Brand. And like all our outdoor products, BullyLiner is a tough coating that’s designed for harsh conditions. Made of recycled rubber tyres, BullyLiner is a water-based product that’s easy to use, allowing you to essentially vulcanise rubber onto any surface. Although largely used throughout the automotive industry as a tray liner for utes, BullyLiner also has sound dampening properties. This can help reduce noises in and under your car, as well as provide much better audio from speakers. There are some amazing projects that have been made with BullyLiner.

For added protection, simply apply another coat of BullyLiner. BullyLiner comes in a single pack, no mixing required. So, with a brush, spray or roll on application, it applies easily and adheres to almost every surface, including itself! Enhanced with self-cleaning nanotechnology, BullyLiner can bring life back into a rusted old exterior, and keep it looking that way! The textured, non-slip surface is so tough it’s even been used on fighter jets!

Currently, BullyLiner is available in 8 colours direct from Nutech Paint.

With instructional videos, online purchasing and an overflowing inspirations gallery, is the online home of this incredible product. For additional information or advice on purchasing, contact Nutech Paint via their website,

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