Graphenstone Origin.

Graphenstone is the brainchild of a young Spanish chemical engineer Antonio León Jiménez, IEdiSA President and CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Graphenstone Global based in Seville, Spain.

As the foundation of Graphenstone, IEdiSA commenced operations in 2009 and has been at the ecological forefront of sustainable coating technologies ever since.

Company President and CTO, Antonio León Jiménez was committed and focussed on developing a new line of natural paints with one simple philosophy; “To build the buildings of the future, requires a new way of thinking to traditional low VOC synthetic paints. They must utilise environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients, to implement the concept of truly sustainable construction finishing.”

An eye to the past with a clear vision of the future - A step beyond.

In order to produce a coating that meets this criterion a different, more sustainable way of thinking to modern paint and coating formulation was needed. Antonio referred to long forgotten traditional ways of paint formulation, utilising natural minerals and incorporating them with cutting edge non-synthetic binders.

The objective; develop a range of coatings that utilise graphene to reduce or eliminate the need for synthetic polymers and instead, rely on the enhanced performance properties of graphene to improve strength, flexibility, moisture resistance, and thermal conductivity while maintaining natural, low toxic qualities.

Antonio takes sustainable paint formulation a step further. In association with the University of Seville, Spain, the innovation of dispersing a graphene nanotechnology emulsion is developed. The synthetic polymer backbone is removed from the coating and replaced with Graphene. This provides the coating’s new support structure and ultimately creates a coating system that is based on little if any synthetic polymers.

Our contribution to the construction of healthier and sustainable buildings and homes.

November 2013 heralds the birth of Graphenstone. The world’s first range of eco-logical paints and coatings developed with graphene nanotechnology. Antonio’s philosophy becomes a reality. He achieves a world’s first in groundbreaking products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly utilising sustainable materials that are beneficial to the construction and renovation industry with unprecedented levels of passive functionality.

Since then, Graphenstone has continued to work proactively in the creation and expansion of healthier and more sustainable, eco-logical homes in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Graphenstone in Australia and New Zealand.

By the start of 2018, the expansion of Graphenstone to the Asia Pacific region reaches Australia. Nutech Paint, a company with nearly 50 years’ experience in coatings manufacture and supply to the region who embody eco-logical principals, become the new and exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Graphenstone products in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are delighted to be a part of Antonio’s global philosophy within our region. Offering a range of eco-logical products that meet our environmental principals. We are excited to bring to our industry truly unique levels of environmental functionality and performance.”

(Joseph Eid, General Manager Nutech Paint)

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