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With Graphenstone the walls of your house will look like a spectacular mineral matt white. Your rooms and spaces will be illuminated with pure natural white. With our Premium interior paints you will feel in every space and every corner of your home will feel a healthier environment for you and your family.

Paints that purify the air? 

3 very good reasons why this is important.

You, your family and the Earth. Graphenstone paints have been developed to provide the lowest possible levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) without any harmful emissions. They also provide new levels of functionality or as we call it, Passive Functionality. This means that not only do Graphenstone paints provide a feeling of tranquillity in your home but are actually working for us all, acting like a silent sentinel purifying the air.


As Ecosphere dries or “carbonates” it absorbs and locks in CO2 for good.

lime base

Formula based on artisinal lime of maximum purity.


Graphene provides strength, flexibility and durability without the need of synthetic polymers or resins.


Provides breathability to the substrate which can minimise issues with condensation.

covering power

Designed for optimal coverage.

good washability

Ideal for day to day use. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Removing carbon dioxide (CO2) 

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas. A significant increase in deforestation, the Earth’s lungs, and a reliance on fossil based fuel products unlocks stored CO2. Increased levels of this gas released into the Earth’s upper atmosphere contribute to a higher absorption rate of infrared radiation. This action causes a rise in global warming.

Produced by a fossil fuel free, Cradle to Cradle platinum certified process, high purity lime in  the Ecosphere and Biosphere paints absorb CO2 as it dries or carbonates, locking it in for good. 

Every time you paint you can transform your home into a tree.

 As little as 45 litres will absorb as much CO2 as a 250kg mature tree can in 12 months!

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