Our EcoSafe products are meticulously crafted to provide powerful cleaning performance without harming the environment. These products are designed to redefine cleaning standards, offering robust solutions while upholding our commitment to environmental safety. Our EcoSafe range comprises three exceptional categories: Architectural Stripper, Industrial Coatings Stripper (Sacrificial Remover), and High-Performance Stripper. These brushable, water-based paint strippers are biodegradable, non-toxic, user-friendly and exceptionally efficient in removing the toughest industrial coatings like epoxies and urethanes from metal, concrete, wood, masonry, and brick.

EcoSafe Strip Industrial

EcoSafe Strip Industrial Sacrificial Coatings stripper is a brushable water-based paint remover that is...Read More

EcoSafe Strip High Performance

EcoSafe Strip High Performance Water-Based Non-toxic Paint Remover Suitable for High-Performance Coatings

EcoSafe Strip Architectural

EcoSafe Strip Architectural is a brushable water-based paint remover that is biodegradable, non-toxic...Read More

EcoSafe Strip Range

Our EcoSafe range also includes: EcoSafe Etch, EcoSafe Graffiti, EcoSafe Degreaser, EcoSafe MossRid, EcoSafe Rust and EcoSafe EcoZorb.  With NuTech’s EcoSafe range, we invite you to embrace a cleaner and greener future, where effectiveness meets sustainability, setting new standards for the industry.

EcoSafe Etch

EcoSafe Strip Concrete Etch is a water-based surface prep etching compound specifically designed to provide a surface profile ...Read More

EcoSafe Graffiti

There are a plethora of graffiti removal products on the market but the one quality that distinguishes our products from the others is their effectiveness.

EcoSafe Degreaser

EcoSafe Strip Industrial High Strength Degreaser is a heavy-duty cleaner that is biodegradable, user-friendly and environmentally safe.

EcoSafe MossRid

EcoSafe MossRid is a pure, organic, non-toxic contact cleaning solution for the removal of moss, lichen, and mould from almost any surface area.

EcoSafe Rust

EcoSafe Strip Rust Converter & Inhibitor is a water based rust removing compounds specifically designed to provide...Read More

EcoSafe EcoZorb

EcoZorb is a natural mineral product and works by a method known as “Silica Encapsulation” meaning the encapsulated liquid becomes part of the Silica Molecule.