Master Sealer

Introducing Master Sealer: Unleash the Potential of Stable Tile Surfaces.

Master Sealer is a water-based acrylic primer and sealer specifically formulated to enhance adhesion on porous exposed roof tiles and masonry surfaces. This advanced product is a powerful adhesion promoter, ensuring a solid bond between the surface and subsequent coatings. With its excellent weatherproofing, adhesion, and durability performance, Master Sealer sets the stage for exceptional results.

One of the key strengths of Master Sealer lies in its ability to tackle highly porous surfaces. Whether working with exposed roof tiles or masonry surfaces, this primer is designed to penetrate and seal effectively, optimising adhesion. The result is a reliable foundation that allows suitable NuTech systems to perform exceptionally well, even in challenging weather conditions like hot, cold, and wet environments.


  • Excellent build and surface adhesion
  • Improves hardness and flexibility
  • Easy application
  • Fast drying
  • Weatherproofing performance

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Do not apply Master Sealer in very cold temperatures.

Do not apply Master Sealer on uncured mortar pointing.

Do not apply Master Sealer on tiles with a powdery loose oxidised surfaces.

Master Sealer
Quick Reference

Suitable Surfaces

Concrete Tiles


Opaque white viscous liquid


8.5 - 9.0



Film Forming Temperature:


Dry Film Thickness:

95 microns

Coats Required:


VOC Levels:

35 g/litre



Ambient Application Temperature:

12°C - 30°C

Coverage Rate:

4 m2/L



Water Based

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Important Notice

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