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Unlocking Solar Potential with NuTech NXT Cool Zone

Understanding the Impact of Temperature on Solar Panel Efficiency Have you ever wondered how temperature affects the output of your solar panels? The answer lies in the numbers. For every degree above 25°C, solar panels can lose up to 0.5% efficiency. Picture this: on a scorching day with an ambient temperature of 30°C, your solar […]

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Cooler Roofs with NXT CoolZone: The Benefits of Applying Heat Reflective Paint Technology in the Australian Climate

What is Heat Reflective Paint Technology and How Does It Help Cool Down Buildings? Heat reflective paint technology is a pioneering solution for maintaining comfortable temperatures within buildings while reducing energy expenditure. This technology operates by reflecting solar radiation, rather than absorbing it like traditional paints. As a result, the heat is redirected away from […]

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Why should you acid etch concrete?

Why acid etching concrete is important

Acid etching concrete before coating is really important, but do you know what or what to use? We lay it all out here

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