EcoSafe Strip Architectural

Water-based Non-toxic Paint Remover Suitable for Architectural Coatings

EcoSafe Strip Architectural is a brushable water-based paint remover that is biodegradable, non-toxic, user-friendly and environmentally safe. It is highly effective in removing architectural coatings.

Available in 1Lt, 4Lt and 15Lt sizes.

EcoSafe Strip Architectural has proven it will effectively lift:

  • Thin-film urethanes
  • Thin-film latex and lacquers
  • Alkyd paints and varnish
  • Elastomeric coatings

Will remove these coatings from all types of substrates, including:

  • Vinyl floor coverings
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Metal alloys
  • Concrete
  • Masonry

EcoSafe Strip Architectural is effective at the following projects:

  • Interiors of buildings and homes
  • General paint removal
  • D.I.Y markets for paint removal
  • Safe on a vinyl composite tile (VCT)
  • Hospitals
  • Institutional flooring
  • Coating and sealant stripping.

EcoSafe Strip Architectural has the following qualities:

  • Water-based
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no TAPs or HAPs (Toxic/Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Easy clean up with running water
  • Low VOCs
  • Non-ozone-depleting
  • Not regulated by authorities for transportation/storage
  • Not regulated by authorities for worker health and safety
  • Low odour
  • Will not burn skin

Additional Benefits that contribute to Cost-effectiveness:

  • Requires much less chemical to achieve desired results
  • Reduces man-hours and effort required to complete a project
  • Reduces the cost of waste disposal
  • Reduces downtime since other work at the site can continue while the stripper does its job
  • Lowers insurance costs for storage hazards.


Application Guide

Equipment & Tools

This product is engineered for spray or brush application.

Airless sprayers are recommended. Use only airless equipment with chemical-resistant packing that has an output of 2 L/min and can produce a pressure of 2500 psi. A typical medium-sized airless sprayer is capable of spraying this product. Equip the sprayer with a tip size of 0.019 inches or larger. (Example: a 519 or 425 tip).

Other equipment: brushes, rollers, scraper, masking tape, plastic (polyethylene) sheet, pressure washer, electric drill with mixer, empty pails for clean-up, running water, rags. Roller applications should be used only for horizontal surfaces.


Cover/protect areas where stripping is not desired, including adjoining surfaces where overspray may travel. Polyethene sheets make a very effective barrier. If using masking tape, apply two layers of tape and remove the top layer immediately after application, as the remover may soak through the tape, damaging the paint under it. Plants should be covered or washed thoroughly with water before and during application.

Never shake EcoSafe-Strip Architectural Paint Stripper. Shaking will cause the product to separate. Using a drill mixer, mix the product until it is uniform in colour and creamy in consistency (About 1 minute per 4 litres).

Test Patch

Conduct a small test patch in an inconspicuous area to ensure product performance. This will indicate the time required for project completion, the suitability of the product for paint and substrate, and the most effective removal method.

Application Procedure

Apply a thick, even layer of stripper onto the coating being removed. An airless sprayer is the most effective means of application. Always start the sprayer pump at the lowest pressure setting and slowly build up the pressure until an adequate fan pattern has been generated. High pressure and narrow tip sizes will break the stripper's emulsion and destroy its effectiveness.

The stripper must be applied 1.5 to 2 times the thickness of the removed coating, i.e. 20 mils of coating require 30-40 mils of stripper to be removed effectively. When trying to build up films thicker than 30 mils (600 microns) or applying the stripper on a glossy or greasy vertical surface, it is advisable to build the stripper film in two separate applications.

First apply a light coat of approximately 15 mils (300 microns), thick enough to hide the surface colour of the coating and allow it to dwell for 5 to 30 minutes and then build the rest of the stripper film thickness in a second application.

Once applied, leave the stripper alone, as agitation slows down penetration. If using a brush, ensure the underlying surface is completely covered with Nu EcoSafe Strip Architectural Paint Stripper.

First Applications

EcoSafe Strip can be applied with a mop, roller or squeegee to remove thin-film urethanes. Dwell time is between 30 to 60 minutes. Janitorial floor machines can be used for agitation and removal of coating and stripper residue. A generous water rinse will complete the removal process.


The remover may lift the coating between weak layers if poor adhesion exists between paint layers. If this happens, remove the lifted layers with a dry scraper and re-apply with the EcoSafe Strip. Do not rinse with water between applications. While the removal process occurs, do not allow the stripper to dry on the surface. If it starts to dry, reapply the stripper.

Dwell Time

The time required for penetration varies according to the type of paint, the thickness of the paint, and the temperature. Most paint systems require between 2 to 36 hours. Nu EcoSafe Strip Architectural Paint Stripper can be left overnight, but do not let it dry out. If you are trying to remove wax, the process should not take longer than 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Coverage is approximately 1 to 2.2 sq.m./L depending on the substrate and coating to be removed.

Optimum Temperature

Above 13°C, if working in cooler temperatures, expect longer dwell time. Keep from freezing.

Removal & Clean Up

Removal of residue can be completed by a scraper, squeegee, mop, wet/dry vacuum system, or high-pressure washer. Be careful if using a high-pressure washer on porous surfaces, as it may damage the surface. A floor cleaning machine can also be used by going back and forth over the floor with the buffer function and then using the vacuum function to suck up the residue. For wood projects, remove lifted paint with a scraper first, then lightly rub with an abrasive nylon open web hand pad (i.e. Scotch- Brite™) to remove the remaining paint from the wood grain. Collect lifted paint and place it in plastic containers. Add Nu Ecosafe Strip Ecozorb to absorb the remaining liquids and dispose of them following local government regulations.

EcoSafe Strip Architectural
Quick Reference


White Liquid



VOC Levels:

75.5 g/L

Coverage Rate:

1 - 2.2 m2/L m2/L





Water Based

Water Clean-up

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Important Notice

The information given in this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However as the use of our product is beyond our control we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch. For additional information about specifications or application please contact our company. As this information is of a general nature we cannot assume responsibility for individual use.