EPiC Epoxy 500

Excellent protection for Concrete, Masonry and Metal Surfaces

EPiC Epoxy 500 is a high-build, 2-pack epoxy floor coating free of isocyanates. It protects concrete, timber, masonry and primed metal surfaces. EPiC Epoxy 500 has been developed to provide excellent interior durability with protection against petrol, oil, fatty oils, alkalis, acid and efflorescence. It is ideal for various applications such as commercial and industrial floors and walls.

EPiC Epoxy 500 is also food-grade compliant and can be used in various areas, including restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets.


  • Isocyanate free
  • Hard-wearing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent hardness
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • High resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Impervious to water and moisture
  • Ideal for interior wet areas
  • Resistant to bacterial growth

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Application Guide

For detailed substrate preparation and application steps, please download the Epoxy 500 application guide.

Equipment Type:

Roller or Brush.


Surface Preparation:

Prepare bare concrete surfaces using EcoSafe Etch or Nu-EcoSafe Ultra Etch following the recommendations in the relevant TDS. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before application.



Roller or brush: Apply two even coats, observing minimum film thickness recoat and dry times as outlined in the TDS

Spray: Apply 2-3 even coats, observing minimum film thickness, recoat and dry times as outlined in the TDS


Before Commencement: Stir thoroughly before use.

Part A: 3 Parts

Part B: 1 Part

After drill mixing, leave it to stand for 10 minutes before using it to allow full activation.


Thinning: EPiC Epoxy 500 Thinners

Note: Stirring by hand with a stirring stick is inadequate to provide a homogeneous mix.

DO NOT store mixed products in spray equipment to avoid damage.

Do not use after pot life has expired (4 - 5 hours).

Drying Time

Touch Dry


Hard Cure

@ 25°C ambient conditions 60% relative humidity

2 – 4 hours

After 4 hours but within 24. NOTE: If recoating after 7 days, the surface must be abraded.

7 Days

Protecting Our Environment is important to Nutech Paints:

Clean up with EPiC Epoxy500 Thinners or dispose of equipment. Do not pour leftover paint down drains or in rubbish bins. Unwanted paint should be kept in a sealed container and disposed of via special waste collection services.

To dry out, empty paint containers should be left open in a well-ventilated area. Dispose of empty paint containers following the local authority’s guidelines. Always check with your local council first.




Observe all relevant Work Safe criteria for spraying 2 pack paint systems and wear an approved respirator. Refer to the SDS for further information.
Ensure there is good airflow and ventilation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

EPiC Epoxy 500
Quick Reference


Clear or coloured viscous liquid


EPiC Epoxy 500 Thinners

Film Forming Temperature:


Dry Film Thickness:

100 Microns

Coats Required:

2 Coats

Recoat Time:

4 - 24 Hours

Touch Dry:

2 - 4 Hours

Full Cure:

7 Days

VOC Levels:



46 Standard Colours


Highly Flammable

Pot Life:

4 - 5 Hours

Ambient Application Temperature:

10°C to 30°C ambient, dry conditions

Coverage Rate:

8 - 10 m2/L


2K Epoxy

Coloured Finish


Interior Use Only

Petrol Resistant

Solvent Based

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Important Notice

The information given in this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However as the use of our product is beyond our control we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch. For additional information about specifications or application please contact our company. As this information is of a general nature we cannot assume responsibility for individual use.