Edward Tran from Laird Tran Studio based in Broome Western Australia first made contact with Larry Riddell from Nutech Paint regarding this project.


Edward had been advised by Carpet Paint & Tile Centre, a Broome based Paint Distributor, about Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone Roof Coatings. Edward’s client, ‘Government of Finance Department of Building Management and Works Western Australia’, had offered up an alternative coating system. They required information from Nutech to draw comparisons between our NXT Cool Zone & the alternative product on offer. With the unique properties & advanced technology, increased features & benefits, including extended warranty periods, NXT Cool Zone became the preferred option.


It was then agreed Nutech was approved as the preferred manufacturer. With this in mind Nutech proceeded to provide a fully written procedure & coatings specification to undertake the correct preparation and application for finishing of the metal roof for the Broome Courthouse. 


The successful Tender applicant to undertake the application of the procedures and specified coating system for this project was gained by Eric Hood PTY LTD.  Work commenced on the 24th Sept 2018 with several different sections including out buildings consisting of 1400 Sqm.  This was completed on the 7th Oct 2018. 

Pre-cleaning,  preparation and coating specification. 

  • Specified products consisted of Nu-EcoSafe Rust Converter & Inhibitor & Nu-EcoSafe High Performance Degreaser, both of which are fully Biodegradable. 
  • Specified Primer: 1 coat of Nutech Anti Corrosive Metal Primer.
  • Specified Top Coat: 2 coats of Nutech NXT Cool Zone.  The colour used was Surfmist. 

Below images consist of before, Primer Coating & Final completion of the project using NXT Cool Zone.


It goes without saying Nutech Paint are proud to have been provided this opportunity to offer our services & specialised products. To all those involved we extend our warmest gratitude in recognition to provide Quality long lasting Eco Friendly Products. 

To be a part of this project to successfully achieve a quality finish on such a historical building located in Western Australia is a privilege. The final passage makes for an interesting snap shot on the History of the Broome Courthouse. 

HISTORICAL NOTES: In 1886, the Government arranged to extend the coastal telegraph line from Roebourne to Derby, via Roebuck Bay. A telegraph station was built at Broome and the line opened in January 1889. In 1888, the two undersea telegraph cables linking Java and Darwin were broken by volcanic activity and the Eastern Extension, Australasia and China Telegraph Company (E.E.T. Company), which operated the cable, decided to lay another cable from Java to Beagle Bay. The Company was requested to land the cable at Roebuck Bay, rather than Beagle Bay, which it did. The E.E.T. Company provided a Cable Station for erection at Broome to house the telegraph room and staff. The Cable Station was occupied in November 1889 and included a billiard room. The Station staff were provided with Indian servants in white uniforms, red sashes and turbans. The presence of the Cable Station provided an impetus for the development of the town. In 1901, a new cable was laid from Durban to Adelaide and by 1913, the cable to Broome carried as few as six messages a day. The Cable Station was closed on 31 March 1914. In 1921, the Government purchased the Cable Station and converted it into a Courthouse. The existing Broome courthouse, on a nearby site, was converted for use as police station and quarters. The Broome Courthouse opened on 6 September 1921. The Clerk of Courts occupied quarters at the rear of the building. In 1963, the PWD built a house for the Resident Magistrate on the northwest corner of the site and the Clerk of Courts occupied the Residency. The grounds were landscaped by the Broome Botanical Society in the 1980s, and some years later the Saturday morning Court House Markets were established after several organisations held stalls in the grounds.

*Pictures shown as before and after.  All projects are completed using only trusted applicators.  For more information on this product, please contact us.

“I designed and installed the Wellington Square Court for the City of Perth, which takes reference from the wetlands along Wellington St in East Perth as it once was before the site was settled and developed.

After approaching Larry Riddell BDM for Nutech Paints in WA the following Paint coating system was approved using Nu-EcoSafe Concrete Etch followed by 1 coat of NuPrime & then 2 coats of NuCourt Roll On. The colours required fell outside the normal Standard Colours available in the NuCourt & had to be specially made by Nutech, the turn around time was excellent & the service levels from Nutech & Inspirations Myaree in all areas, including product performance, was very pleasing.” Chris Nixon

Concrete preparation carried out by Kleenit:   Line Marking carried out by Centre Court Renovations:   Design Art Work by Chris Nixon.

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These projects were completed using Graphenstone Interior & Exterior paints.  The carbon asborbtion properties of Graphenstone make it the only choice for painting.

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