EcoSafe EcoZorb

Environmentally Friendly Liquid Encapsulate

EcoZorb is a natural mineral product and works by a method known as “Silica Encapsulation” meaning the encapsulated liquid becomes part of the Silica Molecule. This means that when EcoZorb is applied to a liquid spill, it will absorb the liquid with No free leaching or runoff.

EcoZorb is probably one of the few, if not the only absorbent in the market that has obtained the endorsement from HACCP Australia, meeting the Food Safety Standards, hence should be safe for other applications. We have been and are still endorsed by Smart Approved Watermark and certified by SaveWater Australia.

EcoSafe EcoZorb has the following qualities:

  • Lightweight
  • Non-selective, except hydrofluoric Acid
  • Speed of clean-up spillages
  • No residue; once the surface is dry, it can be used immediately
  • Materials are non-flammable and chemically inert
  • Contaminated absorbent materials are no longer combustible with the correct mix ratio of EcoZorb
  • Contaminated porous materials do not leach, exceed EPA requirements for landfill disposal
  • Contaminated porous materials are Non-biodegradable and, hence, do not cause secondary pollution
  • Maintains a snowy white granular appearance, making it easy to sweep up for disposal.
  • Absorbs any odours and neutralises vapours that may emanate from the spilled liquid
  • It may be reused to clean up further liquid spills (EcoZorb recommends reuse up to three times).

EcoSafe EcoZorb is suitable for the following projects:

  • Domestic use
  • Commercial and industrial spills
  • Remove any liquid from any surface.
  • Exception: except Hydrofluoric Acid.

Applications & Features

Pour EcoZorb around and on the spill using a stiff broom, and immediately sweep EcoZorb through the liquid in a circular motion.

EcoZorb absorbs on contact. Collect the saturated absorbent materials with a dustpan and dispose of it in a suitable container.

Application Guide


Use a broom, brush or shovel. Wear appropriate personal safety equipment.


Apply liberally by casting EcoZorb onto and around the affected surface until the spill is completely contained and absorbed. Sweep up with a broom. Collect with hand broom and shovel.

Dwell Time

The time required for complete absorption is less than a minute. If the product is wet or the odour is still noticeable, apply more EcoSafe Strip EcoZorb.


Coverage is approximately two parts EcoZorb to 1 part liquid, depending on the type of spill or odour.

Clean Up

Simply sweep up dried Nu EcoSafe Strip EcoZorb with a hand broom and shovel and dispose of in any household bin.


Will not remove Hydrofluoric Acid

Safety Precautions

Avoid contact with skin and eyes and avoid breathing the dust

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.

EcoSafe EcoZorb
Quick Reference


Free flowing pure white granules


7 - 8.5


Insoluble in water




Highly Absorbent

Natural Mineral

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Important Notice

The information given in this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However as the use of our product is beyond our control we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch. For additional information about specifications or application please contact our company. As this information is of a general nature we cannot assume responsibility for individual use.