PaveCoat H2O

PaveCoat H2O is a water-based, acrylic penetrating sealer available in gloss that also colours and protects concrete, asphalt and exposed aggregate surfaces.

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2k epoxy application

EPiC AquaFloor

EPiC AquaFloor is a clear or colour 2 pack water based polyurethane for interior or exterior industrial and commercial applications

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Pavecoat cure & seal concrete floor, nutech paint

PaveCoat Cure & Seal

PaveCoat Cure & Seal is a solvent-based, acrylic penetrating concrete sealer designed for “same day” application and promotes curing on green and freshly poured concrete to ensure surface hardness, colour retention and durability.

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concrete coatings, pavecoat, pavecoat h20, painting concrete surfaces


PaveCoat is a high performance, solvent-based acrylic penetrating sealer that provides excellent durability in clear and a wide range of colours.

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