5 Ways to Improve your Home Exterior

Are you looking for some easy DIY ways to brighten up your curb side appeal? We’ve come up with a list of ways to improve your home exterior a weekend… And without calling a professional!

Wash the Walls

It seems obvious, but nothing beats good old fashioned elbow grease. Especially when it comes in the form of a high-powered pressure washer. Removing the loose dirt is easy, but if your walls are in the shade or you live in a cool climate, you may also notice that you have mould, lichen or moss growing. In this case, simply washing the walls may not produce the desired results. Instead, try using NuEcoSafe MossRid to safely and economically remove stubborn mould and lichen patches.

Clean the Driveway

Driveways are often forgotten, worn out, stained looking pieces of concrete. Which is fine, if you’re going for that look. But when you’re trying to freshen up your front facade, giving this well used welcome mat a scrub can breathe new life into any property. For general dirt, a quick go-over with a high-powered pressure washer is enough. It’ll loosen and wash away most dirt and moss. But if you park your car out front, chances are you’ve got some oil and grease stains. These can be a bit stubborn to lift, but using NuEcoSafe Degreaser will make light work of it.

Paint the Driveway

If the driveway is clean, and you’re still not happy with the overall look, try branching out and painting it! Pavecoat H2O is a waterbased product available in 36 different colours. It has an easy application, and can make a vibrant change to the entrance of your house.

Restore Roof Tiles

Restoring the roof can be one of the most dramatic ways of revamping your homes exterior. While it’s not the easiest way on the list, it can be incredibly impressive, and may even save you money in the long run. If you have a tiled roof, cleaning the grout and fixing any broken or chipped mortar is a great start to this process. Use a product like Mortarlite to easily and effectively re-bed tiles and create beautiful looking ridges and hips.

Paint the Roof

Painting the roof is a quick way of restoring your roof and extending its life. Like re-mortaring tiles, painting the roof not only looks great, but adds value to your home and may even reduce your power bill. A product like NXT Cool Zone can be applied to metal and tile roofs, and will reflect the sun to keep your home cooler, meaning you don’t need to be blasting the AC all summer long. Better for the environment and better for your wallet!

Some of the products mentioned in this post might be harmful to you or your surroundings. Always read the product guides and follow instructions carefully. Don’t forget to wear appropriate safety equipment and check the manufacturer’s instructions prior to use.

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