Choosing the right product for your concrete surfaces

With Easter fast approaching, now is the time to consider some DIY projects for the long weekend. Most people in Australia get 4 days off, so why not make the most of the time away from work with some home improvement? One of the easiest ways to bring life back in to your home exterior is to freshen up any concrete or paving. And there are a few great products you can use to create a really unique space in your garden. Most gardens have a paved or decked area. It’s the place where the patio furniture lives. And the barbecue. And probably the dog toys. But this well used area of your yard doesn’t have to look dreary or boring.

Before you get started on any new project, check out our “Handy DIY Hints” post to get best chance of success. And don’t forget to read the information on each product you use carefully. This will help you get a perfect finish every time!


For a durable concrete coating that offers great protection for your outdoor surface, PaveCoat can create a beautiful looking finish that lasts. Its unique formula allows it to be used on paving, driveways, tilt-slabs and more! Available in the full range of 36 Nutech Colours, PaveCoat can even be custom tinted to create a totally original shade for you. The final finish can withstand most oils and household chemicals, as well as light vehicle and foot traffic.

PaveCoat H2O

If you’re looking for a solvent-free option, PaveCoat H2O is a great choice. Because it’s water-based, PaveCoat H2O is an environmentally friendly paint that doesn’t take harsh chemicals to clean up when you finish. It has low odour, low toxicity and is non-flammable; but still provides great colour, coverage and protection for your concrete surface. Like original PaveCoat, PaveCoat H2O is available in the full range of 36 Nutech Colours (as well as clear) with colour matching available. It’s also tough, and can be used indoors, outdoors and in areas with light vehicle or foot traffic.


If you have a pool area, you might find that your outdoor living or entertainment area has an aggregate surface for the floor. This look is gaining popularity in other locations around the home and garden, and with Agreseal, making this finish look fantastic is easy! Agreseal gives exposed aggregate and concrete a “wet look” finish, creating a beautiful, shiny surface that looks picture perfect. It provides a hard wearing surface with excellent adhesion and waterproofing, improving the performance and life of the concrete. It can also help seal and enhance any previously applied colour!

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