Colour Tips For Concrete Surfaces

For many of us, long weekends provide a much needed break from work commitments and the business of day-to-day life. They can also afford us the opportunity to finish some of the larger DIY projects around the house. Here are some (relatively) quick and easy weekend DIY’s using colours from the PaveCoat and PaveCoat H2O Ranges. Nutech has a large range of standard colours designed to suit any application.

PaveCoat and PaveCoat H2O are available in 36 standard colours and can be custom tinted to suit a specific need or design. Once cured, the surfaces are suitable for pedestrian as well as light vehicle traffic. For more information visit your local paint store, or contact your local Nutech distributor or sales representative.


The driveway is the first welcome that a guest receives when visiting your home. Making it inviting is important to consider when designing the front façade. PaveCoat can be applied over concrete slabs and most paving types, and having a clean, fresh driveway can really change the curb side appeal. For a more conservative and traditional drive, greys like Earl Grey or Gunmetal might be appropriate. But if you’re a little outgoing, why not let your home entrance reflect that and choose a bold colour like Deep Ocean?

Garage and Workshop

PaveCoat Petrol Resistant is durable, resistant to most household chemicals and withstands light vehicle traffic. This makes it a great choice for painting a garage floor. We suggest keeping these spaces as block colours, busy patterns can make even a little bit of clutter appear as a full-scale mess. To brighten a dimly lit space, go for a light colour such as Surfmist or Shale Grey.

Slate Paving

If your slate flooring is looking discoloured or aged, painting it is a really easy way to bring back a cohesive and fresh look to the space. To maintain the essence of the slate look, we recommend choosing a dark colour from the Nutech Range. Ironstone and Charcoal both have bluer undertones, or for a slightly warmer feel, Gunmetal might be the colour for you.

Concrete Slabs

If, like many Australian gardens, you have a concrete slab out the back that is serving as a patio, a touch of paint is a really easy way to change the look of the whole space. There are many floor stencils you can buy, or alternatively, you could free-form your own pattern from painter’s tape. Once the surface is prepared appropriately, paint the entire surface in a base colour. Depending on the scale of your pattern, you may need to do two coats. Once this is dry, lay down your stencil or masking tape, and paint the pattern! For a traditional brick look, choose contrasting colours like Paperbark and Headland, or for a more modern feel, try similar tones like Bushland and Woodland Grey.

Additional images sourced from flickr.

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