DIY Projects with BullyLiner

Last week we officially launched our latest product, BullyLiner. And while we’ve spoken about the fantastic benefits you can achieve, and given you a peek into our time at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo, we haven’t looked at the amazing things that you can create yourself. It’s time for some DIY!

Don’t forget that BullyLiner is an amazingly versatile product. From sound deadening to non-slip to rust prevention, there are countless reasons why you should consider BullyLiner for your next car project. These are all DIY projects with BullyLiner.

Trailer Restoration

One of the more impressive projects created with BullyLiner is the complete overhaul of this old, rusted trailer. While still structurally sound, the trailer’s paint had almost completely peeled off, and there were numerous rust patches that had created holes in some places.
Once the holes had been patched, the entire trailer was coated with BullyLiner. After the coating dries, the trailer will be protected from rust and have a handy non-slip surface.

Bully Jeep

This special Jeep was completely coated in BullyLiner as a special promotion for the product. Using the colour “Midnight”, the entire Jeep was covered, including the undercarriage and door interiors. The flame graphic was created by masking out the detail, then spraying with BullyLiner in the colour “Storm Grey”. Just goes to show what a little ingenuity can achieve!

Details and Trims

The details and trims on this car were each individually masked and sprayed with BullyLiner. The contrast in texture between the sprayed hardware and glossy paint adds visual interest to the vehicle, while also making the frequently used areas more durable. The undercarriage was also completely coated to help reduce noise from vibrations.

These projects, and more, are available to be view on the BullyLiner website. While you’re there, you can place an order, or get in contact with Nutech Paint for more information.

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