PaveCoat H20 on driveway

Elevate Your Concrete Surfaces with PaveCoat: Australia’s Number 1 Concrete Sealer

Are you seeking a concrete coating solution that stands the test of time while enhancing the aesthetics of your surfaces? Look no further than PaveCoat – Australia’s number-one choice for concrete sealers. With our flagship product, PaveCoat, leading the pack alongside our innovative offerings like PaveCoat H2O, Agreseal, and the Epic range, we’re revolutionizing the […]

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Combat Rising Power Bills with NXT CoolZone: The Solution to Dark Roof Dilemmas

In a world where energy efficiency is paramount, every decision regarding our homes matters. One such decision, often overlooked, is the colour of our roofs. Recent findings suggest that darker-coloured roofs can significantly escalate power bills, driving homeowners to seek alternative solutions. At MSN, experts have weighed in on the matter, shedding light on the […]

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Unlocking Solar Potential with NuTech NXT Cool Zone

Understanding the Impact of Temperature on Solar Panel Efficiency Have you ever wondered how temperature affects the output of your solar panels? The answer lies in the numbers. For every degree above 25°C, solar panels can lose up to 0.5% efficiency. Picture this: on a scorching day with an ambient temperature of 30°C, your solar […]

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Discover BullyLiner: The Versatile and Environmentally Friendly Solution for All Your Coating Needs

In the ever-evolving world of coatings, finding a solution that ticks all the boxes of durability, versatility, and environmental friendliness can be challenging. However, look no further – BullyLiner, brought to you by NuTech Paint, is here to revolutionise your coating experience, no matter where you are. Unveiling the Power of BullyLiner: A Multifaceted Marvel […]

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The Importance of Acid Etching Concrete: Unleash the Potential of Your Surfaces with NuTech’s EcoSafe Etching Solution

When it comes to concrete surfaces, unlocking their full potential requires proper preparation. Acid etching is a crucial step in the process, offering numerous benefits that enhance the durability and aesthetics of your concrete. Let’s delve into the importance of acid etching concrete in the Australian market and how it can transform your surfaces into […]

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Revamp Your Pool for an Unforgettable Aussie Summer with NuPool

Glistening waters, endless laughter, and relaxation under the warm Australian sun – who doesn’t love the idea of spending summer by the pool? But what if your once-beautiful pool has lost its charm over the years? Don’t fret! NuTech presents a game-changer that will turn your faded pool into a stunning centerpiece that’s ready to […]

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Preserve the Beauty and Durability of Terracotta Roof Tiles with NuTech Paints Tileflex and Elite Terracotta Primer.

Terracotta roof tiles are a classic and beautiful choice for Australian homes, but they require proper protection and maintenance to withstand the test of time. At NuTech Paints, we offer a comprehensive solution to enhance the performance and longevity of terracotta roof tiles. By combining the power of NuTech Paints Tileflex and our Elite Terracotta […]

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nxt cool zone, nutech paint, heat reflective paint

Cooler Roofs with NXT CoolZone: The Benefits of Applying Heat Reflective Paint Technology in the Australian Climate

What is Heat Reflective Paint Technology and How Does It Help Cool Down Buildings? Heat reflective paint technology is a pioneering solution for maintaining comfortable temperatures within buildings while reducing energy expenditure. This technology operates by reflecting solar radiation, rather than absorbing it like traditional paints. As a result, the heat is redirected away from […]

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NXT CoolZone

Choosing the right roof colour with NXT Cool Zone

There’s no doubt that when it’s time to paint your roof, choosing the right colour is first and foremost.  Afterall, your roof contributes enormously to the overall appearance of your home. The right roof colour can have a vast improvement to the presentation of your house, add to its value, and even contribute to its […]

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Bullyliner | One Tough Coating

Since it’s official Australian launch in 2017, and as one of Nutech Paints Specialty products, Bullyliner is increasing in popularity in Australia, whilst outperforming some of its known competitors. Bullyliner is unique because of its ingredients and eco-friendly benefits.  BullyLiner produces a super tough coating that’s designed to enhance and protect your vehicle, trailer, boat, […]

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