Choosing the right roof colour with NXT Cool Zone

There’s no doubt that when it’s time to paint your roof, choosing the right colour is first and foremost.  Afterall, your roof contributes enormously to the overall appearance of your home. The right roof colour can have a vast improvement to the presentation of your house, add to its value, and even contribute to its energy efficiency.

Do you have an older house?

The first thing to take into consideration is whether your local council has any stipulations for changing or repairing roofs in your area. Some cities and suburbs declare entire neighbourhoods as a heritage area, which means your roof would be limited to a specific set of colours for your home’s exterior. It’s best to ensure the colour you desire is specifically allowed in your area before moving forward with any work

Consider your surroundings

One of the hardest decisions is choosing a colour and many people don’t realise that colours can look different up against other colour schemes. For instance, influencing factors such as the colour of the foliage around your house, amount of shade and sunlight can all have an effect. 

Other factors to consider is sunlight, if your house has large trees this could keep your house shaded changing the appearance of the colour.

Also comparing colours to a small colour chip or chart is very difficult.  Whilst we take care to ensure the reproduction of our colour cards are as accurate as possible, there can be a slight variation between colour chips and the actual painted surface. Modern printing technology is fantastic but in some instances a degree of variation can be expected. This is due to the types of pigments and dyes used in the printing process compared to that of high performance exterior durable roof coating pigments. 

Working closely with your Nutech NXT Approved painter is recommended. They can advise and possibly provide larger brush out samples if needed.

Finding a balance

Remember, you will also need to consider how the new colour will match not just with the dominant colour of your home, but also with trims, window frames, gutters and even if you have a brick home, we recommend looking for specific tones in the bricks to create a strong link with the roof. You may also want to consider how other exterior elements such as your driveways, foot paths, fencing and sheds can match.

If needed, Nutech have a high performance coating solution for these elements too, in order to create a truly unified appearance.

Contemporary Colours

For areas where modern architecture is featured prominently, consider a more distinguished and clean look such as our contemporary range of colours. These colours will also work best for coastal areas.


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 72%



NXT Cool Zone TSR :61%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 53%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 55%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 57.4%



NXT Cool Zone TSR: 38%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 32%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 28%

Classic Colours

Roofs in rural areas will benefit most from a muted, earthy tones such as our selection of classic colours and the same applies to urban homes adjacent to trees, bushes and flowers.


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 73%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 62%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 32%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 40%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 36%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 30%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 30%


NXT Cool Zone TSR: 27%

Not just another roof paint

With NXT Cool Zone, you’re not just limited to painting a concrete roof.  All roofing types including, terracotta, metal and asphalt shingles can be all painted with NXT Cool Zone. The only limitation you have is which colour to choose. 

Selecting the right colour and right paint system such as NXT Cool Zone will keep your home cooler in the warmer months thanks to its unique heat reflective qualities. The added innovation of a nanotechnology based formulation that will reduce dirt and grime retention, ensuring your roof stays looking newer for longer.

What are some of NXT Cool Zones features and benefits?



Spoilt for choice

The selection of colour can also have an impact on how much infra-red radiation a roof surface will absorb. The darker the colour the hotter the surface, which will ultimately radiate heat into your roof cavity and down into your living space. NXT Cool Zone has been specifically formulated to reflect infra-red radiation from the sun. This is called solar reflectance and is measured as TSR or “Total Solar Reflectance,” which is measured in the percentage of Infra-red radiation is reflected. All of the colours on the Nutech Paint colour brochure will state a TSR.

With 46 colours available in our NXT Cool Zone Colour Range you’re sure to find the right look for your home. 

Remember, your home is your biggest asset and we have you covered when it comes to ensuring you have made the right choice to paint your roof using Nutech roofing paints.  Don’t settle for poor performing, unsatisfactory roof paint when you can buy the best roofing paint in the market. Developed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions since 1971.

You might say we know a thing or two about roof coating technology and performance. 

Finding the right contractor to paint your roof is very important.  Our NXT Cool Zone range of paints are only applied by Nutech approved applicators who understand the product correct preparation and application methods to ensure that your roof looks like new for many years to come.  

To find out more about our product and to find an approved applicator near you. Please contact us today!

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