Bullyliner | One Tough Coating

Since it’s official Australian launch in 2017, and as one of Nutech Paints Specialty products, Bullyliner is increasing in popularity in Australia, whilst outperforming some of its known competitors. Bullyliner is unique because of its ingredients and eco-friendly benefits.  BullyLiner produces a super tough coating that’s designed to enhance and protect your vehicle, trailer, boat, […]

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Preparing Concrete For Painting

Preparing Old, Bare concrete surfaces. Interior and exterior concrete surfaces do not have to remain a flat, boring shade of gray. Concrete can be made to look interesting and beautiful by applying a few coats of paint. Painting concrete is a simple and inexpensive task that can be completed by most homeowners. In order to […]

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Can You Paint On Terracotta Roof Tiles?

The Answer May Surprise You. Often a topic of great conjecture between roof restoration and paint companies is the topic of repainting of terracotta roof tiles. Dealing with difficult surfaces such as unglazed, glazed and vitrified terracotta roof tiles and ensuring an enduring, lasting serviceable finish has been a challenge in the terracotta roof restoration […]

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Whistle Dixie’s Bar Floor Makeover

Makeover's are a big task for small businesses, but the right products make the job easy. Nutech Paint has the products transform any space

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how to make secret messages on concrete surfaces

How to make hidden messages on concrete surfaces

Leaving hidden messages on concrete that are only revealed when it rains has become a popular trend. But can you replicate this effect at home?

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Why should you acid etch concrete?

Why acid etching concrete is important

Acid etching concrete before coating is really important, but do you know what or what to use? We lay it all out here

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Choosing the right primer for a roof

Choosing the Right Primer for Your Roof

How do you go about choosing the right primer for your home? We compare a few different primers and when you might choose them

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The NXT Range can cool your home!

NXT Cool Zone is a revolutionary roof coating that can help save you money by reflecting the suns harmful radiation away from your home.

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DIY Projects with BullyLiner

BullyLiner is more than a sound dampener or rubber coating. These are all finished DIY projects with BullyLiner

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Australia Auto Aftermarket Expo

Nutech Paint was a distributor at the 2017 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo. And we launched a great new product, BullyLiner.

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