Introducing NuPool

Today is the official launch of Nutech’s latest innovative product, NuPool! But what is it, and why should you consider it for your property?

NuPool is a high build epoxy coating that is waterproof and impervious to moisture. It comes in a two-part pack, and has a gloss finish. It makes a great swimming pool paint, and produces a quality finish on both old and new concrete surfaces. With 13 standard colours, NuPool will help bring any pool to life.

With summer coming to the end for another year, now is a great time to drain and clean your pool. And while it’s empty, you could also give it a lick of paint to keep it beautiful for many years to come. But is NuPool right for your pool? There’s a few things you should know before you start painting.

Cured Concrete

The concrete surface you’re painting can be new or old, but ensure it’s at least 28 days old and completely cured. NuPool is not suitable for fibreglass or chlorinated rubber pools.

Clean Surface

If it’s an old pool, make sure that the surface is totally clean. Any old, flaky paint should be removed, along with any chalking or residue. The surface should also be etched or sanded prior to painting.

Sunny Week

Because it’s an outdoors surface, and one that’s designed to hold water, it’s important to pick a dry, sunny week to allow the paint to cure completely before filling. Aim for temperatures between 10oC and 30oC.

Painting with NuPool is simple and easy. It can be applied with a brush or roller, and if you need a non-slip surface, Nutech Coarse Anti-Slip can be easily added between coats. There are detailed instructions on the product page, but you should also read the data sheets for additional information and maintenance suggestions.

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