how to make secret messages on concrete surfaces

How to make hidden messages on concrete surfaces

Leaving hidden messages on concrete that are only revealed when it rains has become a popular trend. But can you replicate this effect at home?

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DIY Projects with BullyLiner

BullyLiner is more than a sound dampener or rubber coating. These are all finished DIY projects with BullyLiner

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Colour Tips For Concrete Surfaces

It's hard to get your homes colour palette right, so here are some concrete colour tips to bring your home exterior to life

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Choosing the right product for your concrete surfaces

Choosing the right concrete coating for your outdoor area can be daunting. But Nutech Paint has a variety of products that will make getting started easy

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How To Paint Your Swimming Pool

Coating an existing pool is easy when you use NuPool. It provides a great finish and will freshen up any worn out concrete or fibreglass pool

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How To Plan a Weekend Makeover for Your Home

So you're trying to plan a weekend makeover for your home? We've got some handy tips to make the project easier

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5 Ways to Improve your Home Exterior

There are some really quick and easy things you can do to improve your home exterior. All of these are DIY and can be achieved in a weekend

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